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Diane Nudelman

Thanks CV, enjoyed the post you linked from Organicmedia.com and also the new comments on your blog since the last time I was there. Looks like a hot topic for discussion!

Thanks also for the kind words about Ecoswag.com, which we just launched. Any suggestions on how I might identify/approach BlogHer leaders to get the word out that we're here?

CV Harquail

Hi Diane-

Thanks so much for highlighting my post on swag perverting the purpose of BlogHer09.

There has been so much conversation about it... but only recently have I begun to see posts about the ecological impacts as well as the social and personal impact of the swagging.

I want to mention this additional post by OrganicMania, (link below) that highlights similar concerns...Another voice to add to yours, talking about important important issues.

And, I never even thought there would be something such as 'ecoswag'. I *love* the idea! This sounds like a concept that the BlogHer leaders might want to learn more about, so that they can help to influence the choices that sponsors make.


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